Anesthesia Free-Pet Dental Cleanings in Pleasant Hill, CA

There’s an alternative to putting your pet under anesthetic for their annual dental cleaning. At Alternatives for Animals, we take a holistic approach to veterinary care. The first question asked by pet parents is whether the procedure is safe. Anesthesia-Free-Pet Dental Cleanings in Pleasant Hill, CA are a less traumatic way to leave your furry friend with healthy, brighter teeth. During this procedure, we clean your pet’s teeth without sedatives, medication, or anesthesia.

When Does Anesthesia-Free Pet Dental Scaling Make Sense?

We recommend pet dental scaling without anesthesia for medically compromised pets. You can also choose this option for young, healthy pets. Our natural methods reduce stress and our gentle pet dentistry minimizes discomfort.

What If My Dog Has Health Issues?

Pet teeth cleaning without anesthesia is a great alternative for animals with heart conditions. Going under an anesthetic can pose a higher risk to dogs and cats with chronic conditions. In this case, your vet may recommend non-anesthetic pet dental care.

Anesthesia Free-Pet Dental Cleanings in Pleasant Hill, CA

What Does Non-anesthetic Pet Dental Cleaning Entail?

A trained professional can relax your pet and perform an oral examination without causing anxiety. The same holds true for oral treatment plans. After examining your dog’s teeth, your vet uses alternative approaches to provide the necessary pet oral health maintenance. Using a scaling tool, the veterinary dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA removes and rinses away tartar and plaque.

If you want a non-invasive way to approach your dog’s oral health, turn to Alternatives for Animals. We treat your pet as an individual and tailor the treatment to their needs. Blunt edges clean above and below the gumline safely and comfortably. As a result, your appointment may take less than an hour.

Is Your Pet a Good Candidate?

Pets with little tartar and no deep pockets often respond well to veterinary dental cleaning without anesthesia. Is your pet friendly and cooperative? If your dog responds well to commands and has a calm demeanor, they may respond well to Anesthesia Free-Pet Dental Cleanings.
Senior pets are often top candidates for non-anesthetic dental cleanings. In many cases, older dogs experience hypothermia, making recovery difficult. Does your dog have low blood pressure or a slow heart rate? If so, you may not have the option of putting your pet under anesthesia, making non-anesthetic dental cleanings the best choice.

Cats may not respond as well to non-anesthetic dental cleanings. However, some cats make excellent candidates for anesthesia-free feline dental cleaning. Work with our team to determine whether this is a good fit for your cat.

If your dog has tartar buildup and one of the following conditions, going under anesthetic can put them at a greater risk:

  • Poor kidney and/or liver function
  • Congenital heart defects
  • A recent injury or infection
  • History of seizures

Animal Dental Care Without Anesthesia May Not Work for Some Pets

Has your vet expressed concern over non-anesthetic dental cleaning? It’s important to work with trained professionals who put your pet at ease. Alternatives for Animals specializes in alternatives to sedatives and medication. Additionally, we perform a comprehensive exam to ensure your pet can safely handle the procedure.

Keep in mind that anesthetic-free dental cleanings present an alternative to traditional cleanings under the right circumstances. For example, your pet will need sedatives to undergo root canals, severe gingivitis treatment, and fractured tooth removal.

Our team can answer any questions you may have about your dog or cat, their dental health, and their eligibility for non-anesthetic procedures.

Pleasant Hill, CA Anesthesia Free-Pet Dental Cleanings

Why Is the Procedure so Much Shorter Than Traditional Dental Cleanings?

If your pet has high anxiety, a shorter procedure can help them stay calm. You wait in the next room for your pet rather than leaving them overnight while the medication wears off. Staying close to your pet for the shorter procedure can calm your nerves too.

Your pet remains comfortable and the veterinary dentist performs the cleaning in a sterile room to further reduce the risks. The whole thing might last as long as a comprehensive exam!

Learn more about the risks and advantages so you can make an informed decision for your cat or dog.

What Are the Risks?

Your dog or cat may feel worn out as they recover. Additionally, some animals have gum irritation following veterinary dental scaling without drugs. The risks are similar to other non-invasive or invasive procedures like bloodwork or nail trims.

What Are the Advantages?

For our clients, the pros usually outweigh the cons. Here are the pros and cons of choosing holistic dental care.
Here are the associated advantages of this medication-free approach:

  • No anesthesia so pets remain awake
  • Recovery-free since your pet isn’t unconscious
  • No bloodwork
  • Fast procedure
  • Fresher breath

These procedures often cost much less than regular dental cleanings. That’s great news for your budget, and you may find that you can bring your pet in twice a year for dental cleanings.

How Does Dental Cleaning Without Anesthetic Improve Your Pet’s Life?

As effective as traditional cleanings, non-sedative dental cleanings are a great alternative to routine cleanings. Alternatives for Animals offers natural solutions to dental cleanings and procedures in Pleasant Hill, CA. By rethinking the way we take care of pets, we’ve come up with alternatives that take your pet’s entire health and well-being into account.

Are you ready to schedule a consultation with our holistic veterinarian in Pleasant Hill, CA? Talking to our staff members can give you the confidence and peace of mind to move forward with anesthetic-free dental cleanings in Pleasant Hill.