Words of Gratitude

We just want to drop a note and tell you that ever since our ragdoll kitty had a few acupuncture sessions with you and you put her on CBD oil 2 x day, she is like a NEW girl! She jumps up and down off everything now and seems so content…and to think that in June 2019 we thought she was near the end!

She is doing so well and acts like a cat years younger (our girl turned 16 in February this year).

Thank you again!! We treasure you and the important contribution you make and appreciate the love and caring you show our beloved pets.
– Matthew and Peggy

Thank you kindly for your excellent care of our boy. He let us know clearly that his process is simply to be with the experience of his passing. We are grateful for all you have done – and Dr R for the beautiful compassion and wisdom and ability to hold space with us on this journey! Your open heart and generosity announce the rightness and expression of beautifully living your true gift to the world. While I wish we had come to you sooner, I also trust the universe has its plan. Thank you all for the gift you are to animals and their humans. And to that sweet bird you kept dry and safe that rainy day until that little one was ready again to fly.

Our deep respect, gratitude, and love,
– S & P

I can’t recommend Dr. Rettig enough. She is one of the most caring and knowledgable doctors I have ever met. I started coming to Dr. Rettig for care for my arthritic pitbull about a year ago and I am positive she is the only reason my dog is as happy and healthy as he is now- her acupuncture probably saved his life.
– Teresa T.

Dr. Rettig and her staff, Sabrina and Susan, are all wonderful. Lucy was able to go off her Kidney meds after her first visit where she had acupuncture, treatment, got a few supplements (to support her kidneys and health) and with better quality food (no more prescription kidney diet) she was a new, very alive dog. We had gotten so used to her just sleeping and mopey all the time. But after her first visit, she was SO much more alert, engaged and happy, we couldn’t believe it. She smiles again!
-Jennifer W.

Excellent Holistic Vet! Looking forward to seeing the work Dr. Rettig can do with my baby boy.
– James E.



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Very caring and very knowledgeable. Dr. Rettig and her crew are the most wonderful people. I have a special needs dog that will run into the office from the lot. He won’t stop to smell and didn’t even look at another dog. He just wanted in. She has worked wonders with him. I know he feels better as he falls asleep during his treatment. Dr. Rettig is very caring and very knowledgeable. I trust her implicitly with him. She is also treating my other dog who has come down with an autoimmune disease. She is very thorough and will not give up helping her. I would totally recommend Dr. Rettig if you are looking for a holistic vet.
– Kathryn K.

Dr. Rettig is a healer! My 13-year-old German Shepherd, once the most athletic dog imaginable, suffered a collapsed disk about five years ago. Surgery got him back on his feet, miraculously. But we knew that he had two other compromised disks, so constantly worried. When he started going down in back again, I feared the worst. Many people I trusted recommended acupuncture and I was very fortunate to get tipped off to Dr. Rettig’s amazing skill and knowledge. With acupuncture and herbs, he is still able to motor around quite well, protecting me from squirrels in the back yard when I’m working out there. As for how he feels about Dr. Rettig, you would never know that he is normally as aloof as is called for in the breed standard. As soon as he sees her, he gets the “love ears” and gives her kisses. She’s kept my buddy more upright and strong than I would have ever hoped for.

And a final word. The office is beautiful. Open, airy, light. Very comfortable for an animal who has to relax with acupuncture needles doing their thing.
– Anonymous

This place really is as good as it gets. I have been taking my German Shepard Heather to see Dr. Rettig for several years now. Gosh, guess it’s been 7 years or so….? I have followed Dr. Karen Rettig as she has moved about and started her own private practice. The new location in Lafayette is WONDERFUL. It is comfortable, warm, friendly and it just plain feels good to be there. My dog is always excited to go to Alternatives for Animals.

I first discovered Dr. Rettig when Heather-dog became seriously ill after jumping the fence and taking herself for a walk. The vet we were going to at the time didn’t do anything to actually help Heather, although I did pay obscene amounts of money. I looked around and found Dr. Rettig. Through Dr. Rettig’s skillful, thorough and HIGHLY effective treatments my dog became healthy again.

When Heather started to get arthritis, Dr. Rettig to the rescue again. By receiving treatments my 12-year old Shepard literally got around better and could outrun many Shepard’s that are half her age. Seriously.

When Heather had a stroke and couldn’t walk or stand up or even sit up straight and was suffering serious vertigo and I thought SURELY this was the end of my Heather dog, I brought her to Dr. Rettig. That was truly amazing. My dog was so excited to see Karen. It was as if Heather knew she would help her. As soon as Dr. Rettig put the needles in Heather her eyes became steadier, and she sat up straight. After her treatment, she stood up and tried to walk to the car. She was still wobbly, but she couldn’t even sit up before I brought her to Alternatives for Animals. Heather has now recovered I’d say 98% from her doggie stroke and gets around quite well. She still enjoys camping, walks, the beach and her quality of life are excellent. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that if it wasn’t for Dr. Rettig’s treatments and her excellent dietary guidance my dog would have died a long time ago either on her own or I would’ve euthanized her because she would’ve been miserable and unable to walk. I literally get all choked up thinking about it and how grateful I am to have found Dr. Rettig to support my animals in living long, healthy, happy lives.

I could go on and on and on about all the times Dr. Rettig has helped my animals. For example, my other dog, Augie a pit-bull mix partially tore a ligament in his knee from playing too rough. It was healed through acupuncture and herbs.

Okay, this review is long enough!

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Alternatives for Animals. I think everyone should have their animals checked out by Dr. Rettig. Using Chinese Medicine techniques she can even help to prevent diseases and issues by really supporting your animal in having optimum health and educating you on how to best care for your animal. The rest of the staff, Melissa and Susan are incredible and caring as well. Melissa really has a way with critters!
Just freaking GO already! The mix of integrity, professionalism, genuine caring, attention, thoroughness, and amazing RESULTS you will get at Alternatives for Animals is freaking PRICELESS.
– Anonymous

I was introduced to Dr. Karen Rettig 5 years ago when my Sheltie, Cody who was only 4 years old suffered a devastating stroke and was paralyzed from the neck down. Our primary vet told us there was no hope for recovery and we should euthanize him immediately. I opted to wait and seek the advice of a specialist who also said there was nothing he could do to help our dog, but suggested that I speak to Karen Rettig before I decided on euthanasia. Karen came to my home and evaluated Cody and gave me hope that there was a strong possibility of partial recovery and some possibility of full recovery. She explained she needed time to treat him and see how he was responding. He responded very quickly and within a few months had fully recovered. I had my dog that I loved so much back because of Dr. Rettig. Dr. Rettig is a warm and caring person who truly loves animals and they love her back. Every time Dr. Rettig came to treat Cody he would give her a kiss and lay quietly during his treatment (he loved the treatments). She is truly a remarkable person and a remarkable doctor. When all hope is lost she is the only hope you will have.
– Pam A.